Savvy I/O for .NET

An open-source project (MIT license) that provides a SOLID and clean .NET class library for writing DDD, CQRS and Event Sourcing applications.

It is, by heart, free, flexible and built to extend and boost your agile codebelt.

DDD, CQRS and Event Sourcing Framework? Yes!

Savvy I/O is designed to be intuitive while removing the complexity normally associated with DDD, CQRS and Event Sourcing.

Open Source

Savvy I/O for .NET is available on GitHub and is licensed under The MIT License (MIT) and gives freedom for commercial projects; free of charge.

Easy Consumable

All Savvy I/O assemblies are publicly available as NuGet packages on


Join the team and be part of something codelicious; make Savvy I/O the obvious and preferred choice for DDD, CQRS and Event Sourcing with your contributions.


Savvy I/O is both documented on a per-assembly level and with DocFX. This provides full intellisense and reference lookup while you make great software.


Savvy I/O was carefully engineered to handle Commands, Aggregates, Domain Events, Integration Events and Queries; with support for both "Current State" and "Event Sourcing" stores.


Savvy I/O is designed to handle DDD, CQRS and Event Sourcing - optimized for Event-Driven Microservices based on .NET, Docker and cloud-first mindset.

Source Link

Worried about debugging? Don't be - all Savvy I/O packages published to NuGet is 100% source link enabled.

Support for EF Core

Extensions for Microsoft Entity Framework Core supporting both the Repository pattern (for Commands) and the Data Access Object pattern (for Queries).

Support for Dapper

Extensions for Dapper by Stack Overflow supporting the Data Access Object pattern that is a great fit for Queries.

Support for AWS

Extensions for AWS SQS and AWS SNS to support and unfold true distributed architecture with both Command Queue and Event Bus.

Support for CloudEvents

Extensions for converting both Commands and Integration Events into lightweight messages. Also includes an opinionated support for CloudEvents in the context of publishing Integration Events.

Support for JSON

Support for both System.Text.Json and Newtonsoft.Json through the IMarshaller interface.

About The Author

The author of Savvy I/O for .NET is also the founder of Cuemon for .NET; a project where a lot of experience has been gained over the years.

When not contributing to the open-source community, Michael (aka Gimlichael), is working for one of the world's most sustainable corporations; Ørsted A/S (as a Lead Software Engineering Architect).

Binary data is coursing through his veins - energizing to code with passion 👨‍💻️🎉